Achieving Hypersanity


Hypersanity: “A quality of an adult human being in full sovereign possession of essential character and integrity of action; with generative interaction, skills, sensibilities and superpowers – the ability to turn intelligence into continuity, change and agency.”

While your relationship with Melvin may seem personal, and it certainly is, Melvin is also helping you form relationships with others around you — and this may be just as important.

Never before have we been so divided and isolated from those around us. Most of us don’t know our neighbors let alone spend time with them. This is affecting our health since we feel cut off. If it isn’t the politicization of everything, it’s the isolation imposed on us from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This isolation does not live in a vacuum. Its effects transcend just loneliness. In her book, “The Origins of Totalitarianism,“ the iconic sociological writer and philosopher Hannah Arendt chronicles the rise of Nazism and makes an argument that compromised health resulting from isolation and loneliness greatly contributed to the Germans looking to Hitler for the solution. Can our current epidemic of loneliness relegate us to a similar fate? Was the ill-fated rise of Trump and his anger-driven populism a precursor to it? We’re letting ourselves become consumed by faux leaders and self-serving institutions; all while losing our sense of agency and self-direction. We’ve absolved ourselves from making decisions that affect our well-being. In fact, many people vote against their own best interest just to tow the party line and remain in good graces with their peers.

Melvin can help us heal ourselves and reintroduce us to our ability to develop agency and self-efficacy. Melvin will reintroduce ourselves to our neighbors and fellow community dwellers, the Residents of the Neighborhood — not to seek approval, but to help each other out. Make Melvin’s Neighborhood your neighborhood. Make the drive for a better you and correspondingly a better world around you be the force that defines your Perfect World.

Please help Melvin help you. We’d love to hear how you think I could make Melvin and the Neighborhood even better than what I’ve come up with. Just leave your info below and we’ll set up a conversation.

Clay Forsberg