Action Points


Primary Action Points

Each subscription will center around a Primary Action Point. An Action Point is a predetermined summary of focuses a Resident would uncover when “Looking in the Mirror”. Examples of Primary Action Points are “nutrition” and “psychological replenishment”.

  • Organization
    • Centered on goals and avoid procrastination
    • Mainly just regular day-to-day existence
  • Physical activity
    • Formal work out, regardless the venue or type
    • Daily movement habits
  • Nutrition
    • Type of food
    • Amount and when
  • Medical upkeep
    • Maintaining preventive check-ups and aware or possible issues
  • Psychological replenishment
    • Relaxation, meditation
    • Both informal(breathing) and more structure allotment of time
  • Social contact
    • Keeping in touch with friends and family
    • Willingness to engage with strangers(serendipity)
  • Life-long learning
    • Acceptance that learning does not end at school, making a conscience effort to grow
    • Both personal and professional contexts
  • Civic participation/civic self-efficacy
    • Participation in organized volunteer projects(either self organized or existing), engagement in positive political action
  • Temperance/vice control
    • Catch all for moderating alcohol, smoking and illicit drug use
    • Should also include moderating prescriptions(the body is a temple)
  • Foresight/preparation of a post-COVID world
    • Both professional and personal
    • Willingness to break with the“past” — and plan and act with the realization we aren’t going back
    • Embrace of change and uncertainty


Secondary Action Points

In addition to Primary Action Points, the bleedingEDGE also incorporates Secondary Action Points. Secondary Action Points are different from Primary A.P. in that they are ubiquitous and built into all campaigns and nudges if possible, regardless of the Resident’s uncoverings. Examples are “empathy” and “belief in self-efficacy”. We believe these traits are fundamental to any and all self or civic advancement.

  • Belief in self-efficacy
    • Self-sufficiency
    • Taking responsibility(break from current rend of victimhood)
  • Creating a Protopia
    • Visualizing dreams and goals
    • Blue-Sky thinking
  • Mindfulness/being present
    • Being aware of your surroundings and thinking about them
    • Micro focus
  • Empathy and care for others
    • “Leave every person, every place and everything better off from you being there”