“Add New Employee” scripting



  • Create documentation for 3.0 – but then abbreviate for Merchant, especially dialogue box instructions. Create workarounds for Merchants if applicable
  • Modify right sidebar in (Employee Access) – “Modify Employee Record”
  • Augment the “Add Employee” section in Merchant Owner Manual and Front Porch Set-up
  • First delete all records
  • Create employee records for Noelle (Oscar’s) and Melvin (Sport)
    • Transaction script pulls the CEC sponsor from the Employee record
      • If there isn’t a CEC sponsor: use 3.0 generic (999) — check the hard wire
    • The CEC number follows the Member component of the Employee – not the Merchant component of the Employee.
  • Access through Company Main layout
  • 3.0 Platform navigation
  • Script map


Code segments

A new Employee is added:

Performed by a dedicated Company representative (who will also do the Employee training). To start the process the new Employee sits down with the Merchant rep and gives them their cell phone number to perform the “finds” and start the process. This also starts the training process (The Customer-Centric Employee).

  • Press Add Employee button
  • Button says [Add an Employee] (Company)
    • First check to see if the new employee has any other jobs (more than one record associate with the cell phone number). This is similar to scripting checking whether there’s an existing Relationship on standard Transactions. — I think?
    • (If no Employee record)
    • [Create new Employee] (Employee Access)
      • Create new record
      • Paste “Company”
      • Set “CEC number” (999): The CEC number of Employee (Merchant rep) will be their personal CEC number or 999 (for the 3.0 default). This creates an incentive for all Merchant reps to become CECs. Sponsor (CEC referral fees): a CEC is compensated only for for those directly recruited.
        • New Employee is a Member and a CEC
          • CEC number: current CEC number
          • CEC sponsor: sponsor number transferred
        • New Employee is a Member, but not a CEC
          • CEC number: 999 (for 3.0 no referral fee)
          • CEC sponsor: sponsor number transferred
        • New Employee is not a Member (new Member record created)
          • CEC number: 999 (for 3.0 no referral fee)
          • CEC sponsor: sponsor number created
          • Issue: whose CEC sponsor number is used when a new Employee record is created (with no Member record). Does the Merchant representative get credit — or the Merchant (in a pool) — or the 3.0 (probably not)
    • [Paste Company number] (Employee Access)
    • [Paste Conversion rate] (Employee Access)
      • Insert “Employee password” (random number and then tuncate)
      • Dialogue message: “Create a new Employee record by entering the employee number (determined by Company), first name and Member number. If they do not have a 3.0 Member account – then set them up one and then enter their new Member number.”
    • Check to see if there is a Member record. This scripting should be the same as the Transaction scripting
      • At end of script – transfer: see above for entry instructions
        • “Member number”
        • “CEC number (if applicable)
        • “CEC sponsor”
  • Create a new record and fill fields:
    • Employee number — arbitrary or random generated
    • Member number — this should be filled in after the “check for Member record” script is run
    • Employee name (this doesn’t have to sync with the Member name)
  • Press [Done]
    • A text (using cell phone) is sent out to the employee/Member with their “Name” and “Employee Password.”: create new database
    • If a new Member record is created – then a separate text concerning this will be sent out with profile page URL: (New Member text)
  • The script goes back to Company Main layout


From Phase 2: this may be already handled above. Automate the transfer of Member number over to new Employee record. Process at present:

  • Hit button in Company “Main”
  • Create a new Relationship and Member record if not already set up
  • Grab Member number and enter it into manually into Employee number and enter Name. Automate the transfer
  • Finish script


A Member is approved for a CEC

  • Automatically flags the Member’s Employee record (if they have one) with the CEC number
  • Document the code for the rest of the process