bleedingEDGE nudge algorithm

(Make sure each bullet point in the bleedingEDGE algorithm presentation has a narrative attached to it. The key to the algorithm is the description more so than the actual code. The code will be rewritten anyway. Use the narrative to describe the algorithm strategy to myself.)


bleedingEDGE nudge algorithm:


  • Member Action Points
    • Determined through Topic answers
  • Engagement triggers
  • Adjustments


Single Melvin nudge processing: Narrative

Compose a narrative (paragraph) for each of the five main topics. That will be the entirety of the composition on this page. Each will have a separate page where code is laid out and possible the paragraph is repeated.


Full Node nudge processing: narrative


Member User Experience(API and desktop layouts):


Front Porch/Merchant Experience (desktop only):


Front Porch transaction algorithm

New employee processing


Run transaction


Financial summary


Community Engagement Concierge algorithms

Run CEC campaign

  • Narrative: each CEC can send out alert to their Resident base to alert them of important events and happenings
  • Run CEC campaign