Customizing Melvin


Melvin, or whatever you choose to call your personal navigator, is fully customizable. It is designed to be uniquely yours. Personalization options will be made available both internally through the Melvin’s Neighborhood network, and through approved third party partners.

As part of the Neighborhood onboarding process, each new Resident will be provided online assistance in constructing their Member Journey. The Member Journey is a navigation tool for the Resident to assist them approach their first “Look in the Mirror” – as they prioritize the things they want focus on improving. The Member Journey will be accessible through both desktop and mobile platforms.

The daily email, containing six nudges, will be curated by Melvin from the Resident’s roster of participating Front Porches and sent out each morning. The time a Resident wishes to receive the email is up to them. The nudges could be offers involving healthy life options, well-being suggestions, solicitation for volunteer projects or whatever else the Front Porch deems a worthy contribution to the Resident’s health. Each nudge will also link to the page of the Front Porch/sponsor that details the nudge. Some nudges might also include additional prompts such as texts or geofencing alerts to increase the likelihood of participation. All emails will be addressed each from Melvin (or whatever you name it). Melvin’s identity and appearance is fully customizable through the website or API interface. Melvin is my personal construct. Yours can be and look however you want.


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