Building a Front Porch


Becoming a Front Porch in Melvin’s Neighborhood is a commitment. It says your organization has a vested interested in the well-being of your patrons (Residents) and where they live. It’s so much more than a marketing program or even a rebranding. Melvin’s Neighborhood is a comprehensive vehicle that empowers your organization to be part of a transformation that affects individual lives and your community’s civic fabric.

Melvin’s Neighborhood features one-to-one marketing programs driven by the bleedingEDGE Experience platform, the Neighborhood’s technical vehicle. Providing the fuel for the program is Melvin’s unique loyalty program, Gems, which all Front Porches participate in. Gems empower each Front Porch to connect with the data gathered during their Residents experiences when they “Look in the Mirror”.

For more of an in-depth look at Gems, Melvin’s neighborhood loyalty program … just click on the link here.

Rather than just send out “one off” marketing pieces, which is the norm for small businesses, the bleedingEDGE  platform utilizes subscriptions. A subscription is a curated collection of campaign nudges that connect a patron with the Front Porch (small business merchant) in a unique way. If the data dictates, a nudge campaign from a Front Porch’s subscription will make it into the a Resident’s morning well-being email from Melvin. These emails and nudges align with the information gathered from their most recent “Look in the Mirror” as they pursue building their Perfect World around health and well-being. Subscriptions tie a Neighborhood organization (Front Porch) to that pursuit – and in turn reward the Front Porch through increased patronization, loyalty and revenue generation.

Please take a deep dive into the inner workings of Melvin’s brain, the bleedingEDGE Experience platform. You’ll join me on a ride through Nebraska as well as you understand the triggers that underpin the synaptic outlay of Melvin’s nudge system.


bleedingEDGE Marketing Subscriptions

Every subscription is a carefully crafted piece of persuasion

A Resident’s relationship with a Front Porch (merchant, physicians, NGO, etc.) is much like that of Patheon, fansonly or other online subscription services. The difference though is this subscription is free. Envision a radio station on iHeart (each with different theme, flow and type of content sponsored and created by the Front Porch. All the incoming messaging generated by Front Porch subscriptions is curated for the Resident according to relevance and prioritized in Melvin’s brain, the bleedingEDGE platform. The prioritization is fueled by the Resident’s responses to “A Look In The Mirror” and the events relevant to Resident/Merchant relationship (e.g. purchases, attendance, etc.). Each Front Porch’s personalized subscription(s) can be modified using the tools we provide (e.g. content, triggers, etc.); or created through tools purchased from an approved a third party partner.

Subscriptions are an aggregation of multiple campaigns and nudges (some one off, some including multiple parts and teasers, and even some working in conjunction with other Front Porches). A subscription will build around a two items. First, it will feature content that supports the Front Porches’ volunteer project and encourages participation and engagement. These cause can vary from a hardware store spearheading a Neighborhood garden to your local grocery store sponsoring a food drive.

Take some time and read how your Neighborhood  Front Porch can change the community around you by sponsoring volunteer cause projects that fill the void left by our institutions.

Second, each subscription will center around a Primary Action Point. An Action Point is a predetermined summary of focuses a Resident would uncover when “Looking in the Mirror”. Examples of Primary Action Points are “nutrition” and “psychological replenishment”. In addition to Primary Action Points, the bleedingEDGE also incorporates Secondary Action Points. Secondary Action Points are different from Primary A.P. in that they are ubiquitous and built into all campaigns and nudges if possible, regardless of the Resident’s uncoverings. Examples are “empathy” and “belief in self-efficacy”. We believe these traits are fundamental to any and all self or civic advancement. Do a deep dive into Melvin’s Action Points here.

Please check out the deep dive on subscriptions we’ve provided. We use the example of a subscription focused on the Nutrition Action Point – specifically created for the grocery industry. Included in the “dive” are examples of nudges that could populate a Resident’s morning email if their “Look In The Mirror” uncovered a need for them to work on the Nutrition element of their well-being journey.


Campaign Construction Suggestions

Building the marketing for your Front Porch is not just the job of the owner or general manager. It should be a team effort integrating everyone, your employees. Melvin’s Neighborhood as put together a guide on to do this. “The Sunday Meeting” outlines the process of having a weekly sit down with your employees with the intent to gather a diverse array of ideas, whether it be discussing, laying out tactics or writing the content that fuel your Front Porch’s campaign nudges.

Having your team on the same page is integral to your Front Porch’s success. The Customer-Centric Employee  helps you focus your team on the needs and wants of your customers, the Residents of Melvin’s Neighborhood.

  • The Neighborhood can act as an incubator for a multitude of projects — a merging of art and functioning alternative life.
  • Subscriptions will be Action Point branded (e.g physical health).
  • Each subscription will begin with a narrative. From there components (campaigns) will be inserted. The components will be both related to the theme in the narrative and also serendipitous elements to make it fun and also connect to other seemingly unrelated areas — but will end up creating morphs making the Neighborhood unpredictable and unique (imagine the Island of Doctor Moreau of community development).
  • Each subscription will feature a specific Solution (volunteer projects).
  • Each subscription will use a soft commitment list of triggers. These can be modified (either upon initial set up, or during the course of operations). See trigger list here in the discussion of the bleedingEDGE Experience Platform.
  • Subscriptions can be sponsored by any Front Porch, whether merchants (small businesses), NGOs (local), healthcare practitioners and even individuals (including recruited community influencers).
    • The individual sponsorship will be similar to having a Resident follow an influencer’s feed. These influencers could be recruited by the Neighborhood to help further community-wide goals.
  • Subscriptions can include campaigns that are directed to specific Action Points or they can be serendipitously aimed at directing the Resident to tangent, complimentary or even actions completely outside their assumed interest or comfort zone (as discovered in a Look in the Mirror).
  • Each subscription would have a build out of capabilities (customization options) for each business niche (merchants, healthcare, NGOs, individual sponsors).
    • Within each business niche we would also include campaign options so Front Porches within a Node wouldn’t have the same campaign output as their competition within the Neighborhood.
  • Content/campaign options within a subscription would be updated on an ongoing basis to keep the output fresh and interesting.
  • Third party developers can create subscriptions that could be used by a Front Porch at a premium price. These could be more oriented towards a specific niche (e.g. healthcare, restaurant, etc.). These “premium” subscriptions are similar to what WordPress does with their premium blog design themes.
    • All third-party subscriptions will be required to abide by Melvin’s output guidelines.
  • Input and output components of each subscription can vary. For example, geofencing or AR functionality can be available (this would probably involve a third party)
    • The developer market isn’t limited to templated subscription creation. It can also involve component design (e.g. AR modules, etc.) and niche version of templated stations.
  • All subscriptions within a Node (community Neighborhood) should also have underlying messaging that is directed at positive collective behavior, not just individual goals. The creation of the rhizome network (through civic self-efficacy) should also be executed this way. Every subscription, and in turn Front Porch, has a duty to further the collective good.