Imagine …


Imagine living in a community where the health and well-being of each resident was put on the highest priority, whether it be their physical, mental or social condition. And imagine if this was achieved not through governmental handholding but the development of self-agency and personal agency.

Imagine living in a community where neighborhood-driven serendipity and chance encounter was the fuel for career enhancement and personal development – literally creating opportunities around every corner.

Imagine living in community where the days of small locally-owned businesses were the anchors of the community are recreated today. These anchors will return to being the civic pillars of your community they’ve always been, defending against the hijacking of the social and cultural fabric by nondescript Wall Street chain stores.

Imagine living in a community where solving civic problems and realizing opportunities was not left to government and institutions, but became the domain of the people as residents identified what was important to them and banded together to implement solutions to these prioritized issues.

And imagine living in a community that was fun; where getting up in the morning was an opportunity to have unexpected new experiences – experiences that make your life as fulfilling as you imagined when you were young and the world was unshackled and yours for the taking … not just more of the same.


Melvin’s Neighborhood is the embodiment of the imagination. It gives you the opportunity to turn your life and that of those around you into an experience full of contributions, personally and collectively in the community. Take the chance and make your journey one that takes you on the the road to your Perfect World.