Melvin Cards


Melvin Cards is Melvin’s Neighborhood’s way of spreading goodwill. We all encounter people in our daily routine that we just want to go over and give big hug to; those people who are especially nice at the restaurant you went to for lunch; or those people who give up their seat on a bus for someone not as able. The list of what these “positive people” do is limited only by the size of their hearts. These are the people that are the backbone of your community.
These people are also be the backbone of Melvin’s Neighborhood and its efforts to empower and revitalize the communities of America and beyond. This is where Melvin Cards come in. Imagine if every time you ran across one of these people, instead of just giving them a compliment or an acknowledgement – you gave them physical proof of their goodness and positive vibes. Melvin Cards are this proof. The size of business card, these cards tell them they are “wonderful.”
Also included on the cards are the website address so they can sign up as a Resident of the Melvin’s Neighborhood; for these are exactly the people we want in our Neighborhood. These ambassadors can then pass on the card to someone else they deem worthy. And then … on and on and on. And if one of the recipients wishes to be ambitious and spread the goodwill even further, additional cards are available at any Neighborhood Front Porch (merchant, etc.)


Notes and Brain Dump:

  • When a Resident joins the Neighborhood, the representative of the Front Porch gives the new Resident five cards and explains the purpose of them; and directs them to the URL that further explains the program.
    • Strategize where to set the card explanation page and where to have links within the site.
    • Cards are available only through Neighborhood Front Porches.
  • Card specifics:
    • Identity and logo
    • Melvin’s Neighborhood URL (probably embedded card URL)
    • Brief explanation of what to do with the card (pass it on, don’t hold it)
      • “The power of a compliment can change someones life … giving them that acknowledgement that who they choose to be and how they choose to act is the correct decision. It’s life affirming. Karma Kards give you the power to affirm.”
  • Phase 2(Tracking program): Each card will also have a unique serial number that will enable it be tracked from recipient to recipient as it is given and received. Included will be an explanation of the tracking program.
    • Upon receiving a Melvin Card, the original recipient will initially enter the card into an online tracking database. Subsequent recipients will log their information in the unique card database record allowing the life and travels of the card to be viewed and followed.
      • Name of recipient
      • Phone number (optional but preferred)
      • Reason for receiving the card
      • Location received (possibly automatic through QR Code scan)
      • Other notes
    • Each card record will include summary information on its travels: number of exchanges, miles traveled, etc.
    • Additional cards can also be obtained in limited numbers at participating Neighborhood Front Porches.
    • Each card will also include the name/contact information for the printer of the card. In return for this the cards we be printed complementary.