Action Point alterations scripting


Once a Resident takes “A Look in the Mirror” and their answers and self-reflection is processed through the bleedingEDGE Brain there will be an Action Point created that aims to address the key areas the Resident should pursue to better themselves. But these Action Points don’t go far enough. We need alter them to get a better idea of what to focus on. We need to run the Action Points through a series of adjustments or —–. Below are the adjustments we’ve determined will give a more accurate vehicle for the Resident to drive a state of well-being.

Note: One issue that has come up is when constructing the algorithm for the adjustments is where should this function be placed in the overall algorithm. Should the adjustment programming be placed prior to the triggering function (Front Porch affect) of after. We’ve chosen the latter. After all adjustments each Action Point will be assigned a number. This number will determine the sort priority and ultimately whether it’s chosen to affect a nude for the daily email.


  • Step one: Does the Front Porch triggered event have a campaign that is relevant to the Action Point? If not, the event is pulled out. Is so, it continues on through the alteration process and possibly to the sort.
    • Yes / No criteria
  • Front Porch prioritization of certain Action Points. A Front Porch can prioritize an Action Point (normally to fit their mission statement or subscription orientation)
    • Add 20 points
  • Completion parts of previous multi-piece campaigns
    • Automatic inclusion
  • 3.0 pushes. Every day the Lead CEC will scan the campaigns that have made it through the sort and see if anything warrants universal inclusion.
    • Automatic inclusion
  • Frequency of Front Porch campaigns being delivered to a Resident (overall and to the Member specifically).
    • This is an exclusion clause and needs work — but may not even be needed as the laws of probability might just take care of themselves.
  • Each Merchant could be give exemptions that allow a campaign to side-step the sort and be included in the email (for their entire Resident base). Possibly 3 per month. These exemptions would probably have to count against their regular pieces sent out. We call this exemption a Nuclear Alert.
    • Automatic inclusion. If there are too many exemptions (for the entire Node), a random number selection will be used.


  • [Finish Nuclear Alert] (Company)
    • Perform Quick Find: “Company number = ‘999’
    • (If – “For your information = day number)
      • [Loop Members Nuclear Alert] (Relationship)
        • (If not opt out)
          • (Loop)
            • [Transfer info to Piece Campaign ~] (Company)
              • Breakdown following functions and create new scripting
              • Set up Piece
              • Go to Campaign layout 8
              • Transfer Member info
              • Transfer Company info
              • Set up Campaign
            • [Set Nuclear Alert] (Piece database)
              • This function is only for archiving
            • [Set up Nuclear Alert output] (Piece)
              • [Paste email address] (Nuclear Alert email)
              • [Paste subject] (Nuclear Alert email)
              • [Paste content] (Nuclear Alert email)
          • (End loop)
        • (End if)
    • (End if)