“Run CEC Campaign” scripting

Clear this out when finished

  • Documentation — specific to Lead CEC
  • Script activated in 3.0 Brain (Company): at present only 3.0 staff have access to the Brain. In Phase 2, Lead CECs will have access to CEC Campaigns
  • All CECs are active and will included in the run
    • Possibly introduce additional selection criteria in Phase 2
  • Merchant duties included in Merchant Owner Manual and Front Porch Set-up
  • Run everything through 999 but use Campaign 7 for CEC Campaigns (change in scripting)
    • Add scripting that flags “CEC field” in 999 when a Member become a CEC (this activates any CEC campaigns) — I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS
      • All Associate CEC are flagged (and found for campaign) as CEC regardless of Node. This could change down the road as Nodes are added in
      • Campaign 7 is automatically set for CEC Campaign (regardless of what’s flagged in Command)


CEC approval/sign process — Check this out

  • See below for Relationship/CEC designation
  • Upon approval go 3.0 Admin layout in Member database (activate ‘Approve CEC’ button – left). Activation only if “CEC status” field is empty
  • I’m getting a “record not found” after pressing activation (what’s this about). There really is no other issues.
  • Campaign [Begun] and [Finished] by Lead CEC: see Member Acquisition and Marketing


Code segments:

Change the code for CEC Campaign. At present the CEC Campaign uses the Nuclear alert protocol.

  • [Finish CEC Campaign] (Company)
    • Perform Quick Find: “Company number = ‘999’
    • (If – “For your information = day number)
      • [Loop Members CEC Campaign] (Relationship)
      • If I’m going through Realtionship database then I need to make sure the CEC designation makes into the 999 Relationship record. This might be have to be done upon CEC activation.
        • (Loop)
          • (If CEC designation)
            • [Transfer info to Piece Campaign ~] (Company)
              • Breakdown following functions and create new scripting
              • Set up Piece
              • Go to Campaign layout 7
              • Transfer Member info
              • Transfer Company info
              • Set up Campaign
            • [Set Nuclear Alert] (Piece database)
              • This function is only for archiving — Probably dump
            • [Set up Nuclear Alert output] (Piece)
              • [Paste email address] (Nuclear Alert email)
              • [Paste subject] (Nuclear Alert email)
              • [Paste content] (Nuclear Alert email)
          • (End if)
          • Next record (exit after last)
        • (End loop)
    • (End if)