Sort and Output scripting


  • Sort and output: pick 6 nudges for the email
    • (Sort and Output scripting)
    • Flow into a “output files” (this was for different time delivery)
    • Content code issues (including variable block construction)
      • Static vs. dynamic blocks
      • Every email should have an inspirational quote or tidbit at the end of it (part of the secondary Action Point push)



(code pulled from Run Melvin)




(add code pulled from Run Melvin)

(layout email format)

    • Initial email contents
      • Intro
        • “You’ve started the journey to your Perfect World”
        • Your test looked where you’re at and efforts you’re making in three categories or what we call – the pillar of health and well-being. These pillar support you on your journey. It’s all about your journey and the efforts you make.
      • Pillar descriptions (layout the things the assessment looked at)
        • Social
        • Mental
        • Physical
      • Score graphic: possibly offer an explanation based on canned content representing ranges (both scores for each pillar)
      • Nudge explanations (initial push and ongoing support from the 3.0 network
      • Nudges: 1 or 2 for each pillar
        • possibly reference an ongoing efforts (probably Phase 2)
    • Morning/evening emails contents
      • Work off (condense) for IAS contents
    • Make sure Campaign layouts have heading fields (catchy heads)
    • Simple fonts