“The Sunday Meeting”


As a Front Porch on the Neighborhood network, you’ll get a “From the Streets” Neighborhood newsletter filling you in on what’s really happening in your community – not what you get from the news media (which is little more than a crime report). “From the Streets” is a crowdsourced breakdown of what really matters to you and your fellow small business owners. It looks at solutions to community opportunities rather than just obsessing at what’s wrong.

Each Sunday we recommend you get together with your key employees (and select patrons if you wish) and lay out your business’s marketing plan for the week. We call this “The Sunday Meeting.” Then integrate that plan into the program and campaign layouts of the bleedingEDGE Platform. Vary the employees that attend each week. Create as much cross-pollination and involvement as as possible. Break down the silos of hierarchy.

Set up or modify upcoming weekly campaign agenda and corresponding content:

  • Determine and flag a Nuclear Option Campaign (one per week) that you want to prioritize. 
  • Set date on Manually activated campaigns set up for the week.
  • Set or modify content offer ratios and parameters for the week (all campaigns).
  • Assess the progress of any volunteer Solution projects in process or being considered.
  • Program trigger status:
    • Manual: scheduled for today
    • Manual: scheduled for later date
    • Manual: not active, nor scheduled
    • Automatic: reactive calculation
    • Automatic: Member attendance driven/selected (i.e. trade shows)
  • Discuss tactics on signing up new patron Residents
  • Discuss any other customer service improvements